Wednesday, April 21, 2010

10 Weeks!

Kyra is 10 weeks old, and she's an amazing little girl! She has become such a good sleeper! We tried a particular sleep training method and bedtime routine, which have worked well for us, and Kyra is now sleeping through the night (from around 7pm to 7am)! Not bad for 10 weeks old! She's been sleeping consistently for about a week, so hopefully this will be "the norm." We've still got a lot of work to do on our daytime nap schedule though...When we get her up in the morning, she's full of smiles! If you're friends with me on Facebook, I just posted an adorable video of her smiling this morning. I tried posting it here but the file was too large, so I'll have to remember to take shorter videos next time.

Yesterday we took Kyra to a pottery studio to get her handprints and footprints done. Geoff's students chipped in and gave him a gift certificate for the session, and we're excited to see how the finished product comes out. Kyra was such a good girl during the session, although she could've made it a little easier to unroll her fingers to put them in the clay!


  1. Precious little one!

  2. What a cute idea and a great present from Mr. Tipper's students! :)

    Love those smiles Kyra!!

  3. Hello Jackie,
    I came across your blog one day as I was doing pregnancy research (I am due in June with my first) and have been checking in ever since. Congrats on Kyra...she is so adorable and looks so much like her mom :-)

    Also, congrats on the 7pm to 7am schedule. If you don't mind, may I ask which sleep training you are using? I am currently reading Babywise and Health Sleep Habits, Happy Child but I'm also curious to see what other new mom's have found successful.


  4. Hi Sarah. Congrats on your baby! A book called "The Baby Sleep Solution" was recommended to us, and it's been very helpful. A bedtime routine is important, and (for now) we've been trying to keep Kyra's nursery for sleeping and morning/bedtime feedings, and not really for playtime yet (until good habits are well-established). Good luck to you! Do you have a blog?

  5. so cute jackie - you can really see how much she has changed already when you scroll through all the pictures you have posted.
    did you upload becca's pics to any site - i want to order a few when you do
    hope to see you guys sooon.